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Anh văn 9

Chủ nhật - 26/09/2021 10:51
HKI   :   NĂM HỌC 2021- 2022
          Tiết 1: Revision:
1/ Look at the information ask and answer with your partner:
            - Name:…………………….
            - Age:………………………………
            - Class:……………………………..
            - School:……………………………….
            - Address:…………………………….                                      
            Hello, My name is………..
            I’m 14 years old.
            I’m in class 9/1
            I go to Xuan Hoa high school.
            I live in Xuan Hoa.
2/ Where :…………….
            Where did you go last summer?
            - How …………………….
             How did you go there?
             - Who:…………
             Who did you go with?
            - Where to stay  and what to do there…………
 Where did you stay?
 What did you do there?
            - How long:………………
            How long did you stay there?
  1. Last summer vacation I went to Nha Trang. I went there  by car. I went there with my father, my mother and my sister. We  stayed in a hotel. We visited many interesting places there such as Tri Nguyen aquarium, Cham Temple, and I  went swimming every morning. We stayed there for 3 days.
  1. 3/ Make 5 sentences using the present progressive tense:
  2. Ex:  I am speaking English
1/ They are playing soccer in the yard.
            2/ She is listening to music in the room.
            3/ Mai is doing her homework now.
            4/ My dad is reading a book.
            5/ My mom is cooking in the kitchen at the moment.
  1. 1/ I will get up at 6 o’clock tomorrow.
  2. 2/ It will rain this afternoon.
  3. 3/ They will play game next Sunday.
  4. 4/ I will call you tonight.
  5. 5/ We will meet together tomorrow.
Using the present perfect tense to make 5 sentences:
            Ex: I have just finished my homework.
  1. 1/ I have just done my homework.
  2. 2/ He has already had his dinner.
  3. 3/ My friend has just bought a new book.
  4. 4/ She has never visited Ha long Bay.
  5. 5/ They have learnt English for four years.
  1. II/ Writing:Complete the sentences using the right verb form.
  1. Complete the sentences using the right verb form.
  2. 1/ Something (smell) very good
  3. 2/ They (drive) to school at the moment.
  4. 3/ Jill always (watch) TV after dinner.
  5. 4/ Jorge ( swim) with his friends in the pool now.
  6. 5/ I (buy) a new bike yesterday.
  7. 6/ They (play) soccer last Sunday .
  8. 7/ We (see) this movie last night.
  9. 8/ She ( learn) English for four years.
  10. 9/ They just (visit) Ha Long Bay.
  11. 10/ He already (write) his report.
  1. Đáp án
  2. 1/ Something smells very good
  3. 2/ They are driving to school at the moment.
  4. 3/ Jill always watches TV after dinner.
  5. 4/ Jorge is swimming with his friends in the pool now.
  6. 5/ I bought a new bike yesterday.
  7. 6/ They played soccer last Sunday .
  8. 7/ We saw this movie last night.
  9. 8/ She has learnt(ed) English for four years.
  10. 9/ They have just visited Ha Long Bay.
  11. 10/ He has already written his report.
Tiết 2: Unit 1( Getting started, Listen and read)
Vocabulary:  correspond  (v): Trao đổi thư
  • impress ( v) : gây ấn tượng
  • Mosque :     : nhà thờ Hồi Giáo
  • Atmosphere : không khí
  • Pray            : cầu nguyện
  • Depend       : thùy thuộc
  • Peace          : hòa bình
  • keep in touch        :giữ liên lạc.
Used to + v (inf )
“Wish” sentence
S + wish +s  + simple past tense                       ( be = were )
Answers :
a/ He used to ( tell ) story
b/ I am used to ( live) alone
c/ I wish I ( be) a doctor
d/ I wish I ( have) a computer .
e/ I wish she ( not stay) at home
Đáp án: a/ tell,       b/ living      c/ ưere         d/ had          e/ đin’t stay
T3: Unit 1: ( Speaking & Listening)
A: Hello , You must be…YoKo…….
B: That right I am
A:Pleased to meet you,…Let me introduce myself. I am …………….
B: Pleased to meet to ……………Are you one of Lan ‘s classmates?
A; Yes I am .re you enjoying your stay in Viet nam ?
B; Oh yes very much . I like VNese people nad I love old city in Vietnam
A; Do you live in a city too ?
B: Yes I live in Tokyo . Have you been there ?
A: No, Is it very different from Hanoi ?
B: Yes Tokyo is a busy big city
A; I see, Oh, here Lan let’s go
Listening:    A 1 , B 2, C 2
Tiết 4 : Unit 1 (read)
New words :
area: (n)
population (n)
climate (n)
unit of currency
capital city (n)
religion (n)
compulsory (a)
Answers :
Area :  329,758 sq km
Populatin : over 22 million
Climate: tropical:
Unit of currency : ringgit
Capital : Kuala Lumpur
Official religion : Islam
National language : Malay
Compulsory second L : English
1/ T
2/ F There are more than two religions in Malaysia
3/ F: English, Chinese, and Tamil are also spoken widely .
4/ F : One of the three languages at school
5/ F : English is compulsory second language .
Tiết 5: Unit 1: ( Write)
What or where did they visit in Hanoi ?
 1/ When did you arrive ?
2/ How did you go there and who met you ?
3/ What have you done there ?
4/ which places have you visited ?
5/ who have you met ?
6/ what food have you tried ?
7/ what things have you bought ?
8/ How do you feel now ?
9/ What interest you most ?
10/ When will you return ?
The sample :
I arrived in Hanoi at 2pm on Sunday. Uncle Ba met me at the airport and took me to his house .
  I have visited my grandparents and some of my friends , and some interesting places in HaNoi such as Hoan kiem lakes Ho chi minh mausolium … I ‘ve tried some special food such as noodles, specialities …I ‘ve bought some souvenirs and postcards for you and my friends .
I feel very happy now and enjoy myself very much.The people here are very  nice and friendly . and the sights are very beautiful.
I will return at 6pm on Sunday.
Tiết 6: Unit 1 ( Language focus)
The simple past tense
Tobe : ( was, were )
Normal verb: + ed / past column
Negative : s + did not + v ( inf )
Interrogative: Did + s + v ( inf ) ….?
What did Ba do on the weekend ?
He wnet to see a movie called “ Ghost and Monster”
When did he see it ?
He saw it on Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock .
“Wish” sentence :
S + wish  S + simple past tense
Answers :
1/ I wish I were taller.
2/ I wish I were in the swimming pool
3/ I wish I had a computer
4/ I wish I lived near school
5/ I wish I I knew the teacher ‘s address
Tiết 7 :
UNIT 2 : CLOTHING  ( Getting started and Listen and read )
Answers :
a/ She is from Japan  ( kimono)
b/ She is from Vietnam ( ai dai)
c/ He is from Scotland ( skirt)
d/ She is from India  ( sari)
e/ He is from the USA ( jeans)
f/ She is from Arabia ( veil)
New words :
Poet – poem- poetry (n) :            nhà thơ, thơ ca
Mention(v)                      :         đề cập
Tunic (n)                         :         rộng thùng thinh
Tradition (n)  – traditional ( a)    : truyền thống
Fashion (n) – fashional (a)          : thời trang
Symbol (n) symbolize( v)           : biểu tượng
Modern (a) modernize (v)          : hiện đại, hiện đại hóa.
Answers :
1/ …………poems, novels, and songs…
2/ ………..traditional dress of Vietnamese women .
3/ ………to wear
4/ ………..printing lines of poetry
5/ ………..symbols on it
Answers :
1/ men and women
2/ Because it is more convenient
3/ ………..by printing line of poetry or added symbols
Tiết 8: CLOTHING ( speak and listen )
New words :
Plaid: (a)      : sọc ca rô
Plain (n)       : trơn
Sleeve (n)     : tay áo
Sweater (n)   : áo chui cổ
Stripe (a)      : sọc
Baggy ( a)    : rộng thùng thìh
Fade( a)       : bạc màu
Answers :
a/ sleeveless sweater
b/ striped shirt
c/ a plain suit
d/ faded jeans
e/ shortsleeved blouse
f/ baggy pants
g/ a plaid skirt
h/ blue shorts
Questions :
1/ what do you wear on special occasions
2/ Why do you wear them ?
a/ flower pants
b/ blue shorts
c/ a pink skirt
a/ a long sleeved white blouse
b/ a short sleeved pink blouse
c/ a short sleeved while blouse
a/ sandals
b/ boots                                                               
c/ brown shoes
Answers :
1/ blue shorts
2/ long sleeved blouse
3/ brown shoes
Questions :
1/ How old is Mary ?
2/ How does ahe look like ?
3/What was she carrying with  her ?
Answers :
1/ She is three years old .
2/ She has short dark hair .
3/ She was carrying a large doll .

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